Hegel and The Solution To Our Postmodern World Crisis

From Nihilism to Kingdom Come
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Introductory Essay:

The Solution To Our Postmodern World Crisis  23

                  One:  How to Understand the Present Paradigm Shift  35

                  Two:  The God-Self”—The Solution to Our Crisis  71

                  Three:  What We Can Do  107


Part I: Hegel, Postmodernity, and God123


1                Drs. Nietzsche and Hegel: The Antidote to Postmodern Nihilism  127

2                Reflections on the Fate of Philosophy and The Church in the 21st Century  151

3                The Difference Between Schellings God and Hegels: Educating Humanity or Educating God?  171

4                Absolute Freedom in Fichte and Hegel: Politics, The State, and God  195

5                Does Philosophy End with Hegel?  215


Part II: Hegel’s System of Science263


6                Hegels Circle: The Systems Two Logics  267

7                The Phenomenology of Spirit or Transcendental Idealism à la Hegel 287

8                Crossing Over: From Sense to Thought in the Phenomenology and the Divided Line  315

9                The Final Synthesis in Hegels Phenomenology of Spirit335

10             The Aufheben of the Philosophy of Right  367

11             Hegel’s Deduction of Matter: And The Untenability of The Big-Bang Theory  387


Part III: Before and After Hegel  405


12             Kants Theater of the Mind  409

13             Kants Practical Philosophy: A Hegelian Critique431

14             What is Fichte up to in the 1794 Doctrine of Science?  449

15             The Insight: The Secret of the 1804 Doctrine of Science and the Unity of the Doctrines of Science     

16             Hegels Solution to the Problem of Reference  515


Concluding Essay:

Manifesto of The New World Order  555

Postscript: On Space Condominiums and the Obviation of Star-Wars  621


Appendix 1:  The StandpointIn Kant, Fichte, Schelling and Hegel  641

Appendix 2:  Excerpts from Fichtes Doctrine of Religion  659

Appendix 3:  Hegels Remarks On The Method of The Sciences of Nature and Spirit665

Appendix 4: Hegels Inaugural Address Delivered at Heidelberg, 1816681

Select Bibliography689